Grand slam Fitness Gyms

Grand Slam Fitness provides us a succesfull business model with a culture defined buy People's Purpose, Profit,Play. Our aim is to provide an elite and professional fitness health centers that are highly profitable, great brand credibility and experience with a niche outreach.Convenience & Affordability allows both franchises and members to thrive.

Marketing Support

  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • Google Ad Words,PPC & SEO
  • Direct and Indirect Niche outreach
  • On Round Support

Sales Support

  • Lead Genration
  • Faster Investment Games
  • Marketing & Sales Training
  • 2d/3D Model

Management support

  • Equipment Assistant & Support
  • Site Selection
  • HR Consultancy
  • Launch Support

What Our Clients Say!


The franchise fee for a gym setup depends on the model you select, we have two different franchise models varying from 7.5 lacs - 10 lacs.
Yes, GSF gyms provide management support, sales support, and marketing support to build your franchise and generate cash flow.
The total investment required to open a GSF gyms franchise in India is around 70 lacs- 2.5 cr
At the start of the investment, there is an initial fee payable for each gym – this gives you the right to use the GSF Gyms Trademarks, Gym Design, Marketing, PR, and Sales Training.
Franchisees are responsible for marketing to their members directly, however, GSF Gyms is constantly advertising, and offering you branding guidelines, design solutions, and innovative promotions that help drive members to your studio. GSF Gyms also invests in partnerships with major professional sporting teams, influencers, and content creators to raise awareness for the GSF Gyms Brand.
Yes, Grand Slam Fitness takes pride in being able to collaborate with large-scale fitness facilities looking for top-notch commercial fitness equipment. We Have 8 international brands i.e. Turbuster, Landice, TuffStuff fitness, True fitness, Wattbike, etc.